According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, women infertility is categorized into Excess and/or Deficiency patterns. The Western classifications of fertility also can be analysed to fit into a TCM pattern. The following table sums up these patterns and the infertility problems according to:

 Example of Infertility problemsTreatment
Phlegm- Dampness in the lower abdomenPolycystic ovarium Syndrom (PCOS)Acupuncture for Polycystic ovarium Syndrom
Phlegm- DampnessHashimoto thyreoiditis, Hypothyroidism, HiperprolactinaemiaAcupuncture for thyroid gland problems
Acupuncture for Hiperprolactinaemia
Blood stasisEndometriosisAcupuncture for Endometriosis
Liver Qi StagnationImmunological problem, hypertensionAcupuncture for immunological problems
Blood HeatPelvic infection, Chlamydia infection, HyperthyroidismAcupuncture for thyroid gland problems
Kidney Yin deficiencyPrimary ovarian insufficient (Elevated FSH)Acupuncture for Elevated FSH
Kidney Yang deficiencyLuteal phase defectAcupuncture for Luteal phase defect
Spleen deficiency, Blood deficiencyMenopause, amenorrhoea, anemiaAcupuncture for Menopause
Mixed DeficiencyMiscarriageAcupuncture for Miscarriage

However, these patterns are often coexist, as a women can suffer from more than one health problems. The physician has to consider which symptoms imply Excess and which imply Deficiency, to generate a concrete diagnosis and effective treatment.

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