What is face massage?

According to traditional medicine, the entire human body is reflected on the face, in which each organ has its own special points. If any of these organs does not function well, the problems will be manifested on the relative reflecting area under the form of muscle tension, numbness or strange feeling.

By using face massage, these muscle tensions are released, therefore add a positive effect on the relative organ. Moreover, thanks to the physical and relaxing effect the massage, the blood and lympho circulation is improved remarkable, the skin therefore becomes more smooth and elastic. In general, face massage stimulates the harmony between physical and mental state.

Face massage benefit how
During the massage, reflex points are given a certain amount of pressure, which causes the central nervous system and internal organs to respond as well as activates the body’s self-healing processes

Benefits of face massage?

  • Stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the face. Improve the metabolism process.
  • Relieves inflamed skin conditions.
  • Release headache, migraine and tiredness.
  • Help improve the nasal and forehead sinuses congestion, thereby improving the cold or allergy symptoms.
  • Removes impurities and toxins from the whole body.
  • Prevent wrinkles, freckles on the face.
  • Help stop smoke and drink addiction.

Is there any side effect of face massage?

Absolutely no side effects!

Face massage is done by hands and completely moisture natural creams are used.

After the first massage, you already feel the effect on your face skin and on the total health status. However, to maintain the effect for a long time, a course of massage is often recommended.

How often should I have face massage?

Regularly recommended: 2-3 times/ week

How long is the treatment?

Duration of one occasion of treatment: 30 minutes/ 45 mins

A course of treatment is different from one to another. The more frequent you have face massage, the better effect is present on your skin. A course of 5-10 occasions is often recommended to maintain the effect, and can be lengthened as much as you wish.

Is there contraindications of face massage?

Fresh trauma, post-operative condition. Fever, infectious disease, malignant neoplasm, heavy skin peeling, bleeding, or blood clotting.

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