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Acupuncture is a key part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Implant acupuncture

Healing by the traditional methods and products is a trend of modern medicine…


Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture uses needles to enhance skin and combat aging.


Few words about Miscarriage

Few words about Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week, in most of the cases, it occured before the 12th week of pregnancy. Common...

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1. Is the treatment very painful?

We use very thin acupuncture needles so there is only a slight pain at the treatment points and it goes away rightafter. Try to relax as much as possible during treatment, this will help reduce the discomfort at the points. Take a deep breath, cooperate with the doctor, and at most points you won’t even feel anything.

2. Can I come back to my dailylife after the treatment?

Acupuncture does not affect normal daily activities, so there are no restrictions. In general, it is recommend to avoid heavy activities, sports, alcohol consumption and smoking within 3 days after the treatment.

3. Which treatment is more effective, classic acupuncture or implant acupuncture?

Your doctor give you advise on the choice of treatment base on your personal problems.

4. Is it okay if I have acupuncture and my partner doesn’t?

We recommend that both of you take part in the treatment for best results. However, if one of you does not want the treatment, the other can be treated without any problems.

5. Is it possible to shower or take a bath after the treatment?

You can take a quick shower but not a bath. Keep your body warm after the shower.

6. Is acupuncture treatment harmful to my current status?

Acupuncture helps balance the Yin-Yang status and increases energy levels. It does not harm your health. You may experience mild pain during treatment, but at the end, acupuncture only has a beneficial effect on your body.

7. How does it look like one treatment?

At the begining the doctor examine you with tongue and pulse diagnosis. Then you will have acupuncture treatment with about 15- 20 acupuncture points. After the treatment you will rest for a few minutes and then can go home. Total time for examination and treatment is about 30 minutes.

8. When should I delay an acupuncture treatment?

Do not go for acupuncture treatment if you are:

  • Exhausted or hungry.
  • Having acute diseases, trauma.
  • Have thrombocytopenia or are taking anticoagulant drugs.


1. What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment that involves using acupuncture to improve skin and fight the aging process. It is also called “acupuncture facelift” or ” natural skinl rejuvenation”. Cosmetic acupuncture is often applied as an alternative treatment to surgical, botox and filler injection to improve the appearance of the skin.

Cosmetic acupuncture can help reduce wrinkles, diminish fine lines, remove age spots, and lift up droopy eyelids. A course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment involve at least 10 sessions, as well as additional sessions for maintenance of results.

2. How does it work?

“Nourish the skin. Rejuvenate your body!”

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique of balancing vital energy flow throughout the body. This treatment aims to stimulate self-healing capacity of the body and improve overall health. During the treatment, the inserted needles at acupuncture points help regulate the energy flow. Moreover, these needles evoke micro trauma to subcutaneous tissues, which trigger the body healing them by increasing blood flow to the affected areas. As a result, more nutrient is supplied, more immune cells available help clear inflammation, more collagen and elastin is also produced for the skin regeneration. Besides, acupuncture also addresses other factors that affect the skins ageing process, such as hormon problems, immune problems and oxidative stress.

The goal of the treatment is to create positive long-term changes in the health of the skin and body, not a short-term quick fix. It leads to better collagen production, better blood and lympho circulation over the treated region so that the skin is revitalize and heal itself. After the treatments you can expect a healthy brightened skin tone, reduced jaw tension, reduced wrinkles and also a better relaxed moods. 

3. How does it look like a treatment?

An overall health assessment and skin examination is conducted at the begining. Then the treatment starts with light skin massage and acupuncture (with special super thin needles) at certain places on the body. Ear acupuncture and nutrient/ moisture mask is also upon requested to complement the treatment result. The session focuses on skin bio-stimulation, activating its vital repairing and rejuvenizing process.

4. How long does it last?

One session lasts about 30 mins. It also depends on skin problems and the patient’s demand.

5. How frequent should I go for the treatment? How much time is needed to see the effects?

Unlike Botox or dermal fillers, cosmetic acupuncture is not a quick, unnatural fix of the skin. It helps achive healthy body and healthy skin from inside. The effects therefore takes time to achieve, but it can bring really long term positive changes.

In general, improvements can be seen after just 5 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture. l would recommend at least 10 treatments course to achieve the longlasting effect. You should go once or twice a week. When you reach the desired stage, you can continue with the maintanance treatment, which is less intensive – 1 treatment  in 2 weeks.

6. How much does it cost?

The cost of cosmetic acupuncture are the following:

Facial cosmetic acupuncture: 19.000 Ft/ session

Belly cosmetic acupuncture: 15.000 Ft/ session

Thigh cosmetic acupuncture: 15.000 Ft/ session

Hip cosmetic acupuncture: 15.000 Ft/ session

Cosmetic acupuncture is not only a safe treatment but also more affordable than surgery, botox or filler injections.

7. Is there any side affect?

Acupuncture is considered a very safe treatment, since its side effects are very rare. If you are being treated by a licensed experienced doctor, you do not have to worry about side effects.The most common side effect of cosmetic acupuncture is bruising. However, it only happends in around 3% of my patients. It is recommended that people with bleeding disorders, serious autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes should not seek for this treatment.

8. What should I prepare before the treatment?

If you go for facial acupuncture treatment, please have your face free of make up. It is recommended to eat something before the treatment, too.

9. Is facial acupuncture better than Botox?

Each technique works differently to achieve the goal of more youthful complexion. Botox keeps your skin smooth by paralyzing the underlying muscular. However, its wonderful effect is short-term and basically repeated injections are given every 6 months. Besides, there are several potential adverse effects, some of which are quite severe, like asymmetries or loss of muscle movement.

Facial acupuncture is a more natural and longer term solution which helps the skin healthier from inside. It triggers micro-trauma to stimulate skin healing itself, increase in blood flow and production of collagen + elastin. Therefore it leads to reduction in wrinkles, improvement of skin tone. Moreover, acupuncture also bring other benefits such as a sense of relaxed, calm, better sleep, good mood, improved digestion and energy levels.  

10. Other useful advices

Beside acupuncture treatment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to achieve optimal effect od well being. Provide the body with nourishing foods, essential vitamins and minerals, drink a lot every day. Avoiding sugar, refined foods, alcohol, smoking and stress. Keep optimistic attitute toward life!


1. Why should I search for acupuncture?

Numerous studies have shown that fertility treatments in combination with acupuncture can increase the success rate by up to 26%. I was shown that acupuncture help balance the hormone system, stimulate blood circulation to the reproductive organs, therefore better nuture the egg and sperm.

2. What are the effects of acupuncture on fertility treatment?
  • Acupuncture helps regulate hormone levels, especially gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which in turn can improve ovulation.
  • Acupuncture helps women with PCOS and anovulation cycle.
  • Acupuncture helps people with thyroid problems. (And thyroid problems can cause fertility problems.)
  • Acupuncture may increase the number of follicles during IVF treatment
  • Acupuncture helps improve sperm quality and quantity in men.
3. How many acupuncture treatments do I need before IUI / IVF?

It is recommended to have acupuncture at least 3 to 4 months prior to the IVF program. If you choose classic acupuncture, you should have 2 sessions per week, in case of implant acupuncture, you may have 2 treatments per month.

4. Is there a specific diet, herbs or exercise for me?

At Vietkimhong clinic, I often recommend a specific diet and exercise regimen for each patient, regarding their personal problems. The herb is also prepared for your specific needs, with a guide for taking them.

5. Can I have acupressure as well?

Acupressure is an effective therapy to improve health and well-being. A healthy and well nourished body has a much better chance of producing healthy eggs and sperm, as well as a successful embryo implantation.

6. Does acupuncture interfere with the medicines I am taking?

No. On the other hand, acupuncture actually support other treatments by boost the self healing capacity of the body. Several studies have shown that when used in conjunction with other fertility treatments, acupuncture can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy by 26%.

7. Does it have side effects? What are they?

Acupuncture is considered safe method as its side effect is relatively low 0.01%, usually mild symptoms such as slight pain, swollen, dizziness, bleeding. Other side effects like infection, muscle cramp are almost very rare. To avoid these uncomfortable effects, It is advised to search for acupuncturist physician who is accredited and experienced.


1. What is implant acupuncture? Is it similar to acupuncture?

Implant acupuncture is a special method of traditional acupuncture in which an absorbable, sterile piece of surgical suture is implanted at the acupuncture point to create continuous stimulation at that point.

2. What is the advantage of implant acupuncture compared to acupuncture?

The surgery sutures continuosly stimulate the function of the points in 2 to 3weeks. It acts like having acupuncture every day. Meanwhile, as the patients does not need to go the see the doctor frequently, a lot of time and money can be saved.  

3. Is it painful? Do I need to rest totally after the treatment?

We use very thin and small needles to implant the thread, so there is almost no pain.

After the treatment, you can comeback to your daily activities. Some heavy physical activities or sport is not recommeded is the next 3-4 days.

4. Is there any side effects?

Implant acupuncture is considered a safe mothod. Some uncomfortable effects can happend but very rarely:

  • Pain or coagulant at the acupuncture point.
  • Dizziness, nausea, tiredness.
  • Allergy to the suture.
5. How often should I have implant acupuncture?

In general, the suture will be completely dissolved after 2-3 weeks, therefore, it is recommended to go for the treatment in every 2-3 weeks.  

6. What health problems that implant acupuncture can help?

Please click here for more information.

8. Is implant acupuncture effective for losing weight?

Implant acupuncture is very effective in helping weight loss, especially in places like the belly, the thigh, the arms. Generally, you can expect to lose 1-5 kg after 5 treatments and 5-10 kg after 10-15 treatments. In some cases it also help reduce wrinkles and melasma (the dark spots on your face skin). The inserted thread will stimulate the under skin layers, which contains most of collagen, elastin connective and fat tissue. It helps to lift these layers, tighten skin, prevent the accumulation of fat and therefore reduce wrinkles.

Doctor & Customer Approved

“In 2018, my husband suffered from atopic dermatitis on both legs. We did search for many doctors without clearly effects before we went to Dr. Hong’s clinic. After 5 implant acupuncture treatments, his legs became much less swollen and inflamed. After 7 treatments, we were so glad that 90% of his leg was recovered and since then it just becomes better. I also have my stomach pain and depression treated with implant acupuncture and thanks for the treatments I don’t have to take as many medications as before. We would like to recommend this treatment to others.”

Czinege Györgyné

“I would like to express my grateful thanks to Dr Nguyen Thu Hong. Thank you for your help in curing my allergy which has been there for 15 years. Dr. Nguyen Thu Hong does her work with excellent expertise, care, empathy, responsible and humanity. She also gives advices on weight control and how to keep fabulous during treatments. That is why I am especially grateful, as being a 44-year-old woman, I wish to be as much healthy and attractive as possible.”

Mónika Hrabár

“The treatment is satisfied to me. The doctor is polite, the advice is helpful.

The implant acupuncture has lp improve my heakth status in many ways. My psoriasis symptoms have improved. Besides, I am not as tensed like before and that also help me solve problems much more easily.

Thank you for your treatment. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Bodor Andrea

“I lost 4kg after 2 treatments, which is fantastic for me because I’ve been trying my diet and exercise for a long time without losing weight. My blood pressure is also more stable. I have less panic waves and I can sleep better. Thank you.”

Tiborné Molnár

“Since I go for Dr. Hong’s treatment, my uterine myoma and ovarian cysts stop growing bigger. My periods are not as painful as they used to be, which is  really meaningful for me. My digestion is also more regulated. I think I have found the right treatment for my health problem.”

Andrea Nagy

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