A beautiful summer is coming with sunny days, green trees, blooming flowers and smiles on our faces. This summer we are full of hope that an usual life is coming back. A better life will flush out those worried eyes and uncertainty of future  hide behind boring masks…   

This spring and summer also bring so much happy for me to welcome little angels to the world. They are arriving to us in the next few months…I feel so thankful and grateful to be beside  you in your journey for baby. It is hard to express how happy I am when you tell me that your pregnancy test is positive, when you bring me your Body Temperature chart with the line going up beautifully, and your very-first ultrasound test confirmed the pregnancy.. You also make me worried when sent me emails at 10 p.m. asking about your progesterone level, or your abdomen pain.. And then you comeback to me with the following Ultrasound test with the baby is growing little by little… In a strange and happy way, I also feel a deep contact with your babies, and you should know that I am also eager to meet him/her as much as you are..

For those whose success has not arrived yet, I understand how you feel. But an unsuccessful try is not the end of the world. You always can do it again, if you still have time. Success does not often come easily or accidently, it rather comes after many effort and a strong belief in it. Don’t be upset. Please take a holiday this summer to relax and refresh your body, your soul.. Enjoy sunlight, enjoy the summer’s wonder. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your time with your partner without worrying about anything. Take really good care for yourself and for him, because he is always there for you. Then comeback with a totally fresh you. And I am more than happy to meet you or meet you again after summer.

Thank you again to believe in me and acupuncture. My work as an acupuncturist is nothing more than support you as much as I can, so that you can achieve your best result with reproductive treatment, and we can finally meet your dream baby. Your success is my success, your baby is also my angel.