Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine method that plays a key role of the complementary medical world for a long time. Studies have indicated that it has real medical value in helping release disease or symptoms. According to Chinese medicine, the constant flow of Qi (life energy) through 14 channels (meridians) inside the body is essential for a person to keep their health. If this energy flow is blocked, the body can no longer maintain the balance that is needed to maintain high energy and deal with health issues. Acupressure works by targeting certain pressure points on the body with steady force and it is considered to be a way of regulating the Qi and also encourage the body capacity to healing itself. The acupressure therapist uses their fingers/palm/ wrist to work the acupressure point with strong or slight pressure and different techniques.  During a treatment or self treatment, a person will experience a relaxing or a comfortable feeling when the proper acupuncture point is pressed.

Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure can be very effective in helping with functional problems like sleeping, digestive problems, painful menstruation, release stress and depression, reduce nausea and vomiting after surgery or invasive medical procedures. Especial, it shows great help in reducing the pain.

According to the American National Cancer Institute, several studies have shown that acupressure has helped cancer patients by reducing cancer-related fatigue and nausea. Other reports have demonstrated that acupressure also helped with relief pain, stress and anxiety.

One of the main ways in which acupressure’s use has been explored has been in sleep. Pressuring acupressure points on the body could help you rest and have better quality sleep. Breast cancer survivors in a 2016 study felt less fatigued and experienced beeter quality aleep with acupuncture. Elderly people in nursing homes who had a course of expert acupressure for 8 weeks for a 2017 study also reported better sleep.

Besides helping better sleep, acupressure has also been explored as an avenue for reducing nausea: it’s been found effective in helping women who vomit from breast cancer chemotherapy, and Columbia University recommended it as a complementary therapy for those patients in 2017. Scientists hoped it would reduce nausea in post-operative patients too. Taiwanese study in 2006 found it was effective in helping reducing lower back pain, and a review of studies about acupressure and anxiety in 2015 found that it helps.

Nowadays, acupressure is more and more widely used as a complementary treatment for serious illness or chronic condition.

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