The Vietkimhong Clinic is located in the downtown of the V district, Budapest, between the Nyugati train station and the Deak square. Established in early 2018, it is fully equipped with new facilities and up-to-date standard of a modern clinic. Large waiting room, comfort treatment room, air-conditioned, free herbal tea and coffee, friendly health staff would make your experience unforgettable. The clinic offer mainly acupressure treatment, face massage and consultation for a healthy life.

Company registration number: 01-06-792961

Company format: Deposit cooporation

Tax registration number: 26228983-1-41

Company name: VIETKIMHONG Bt

Vietkimhong acupressure

Address: 1051 Budapest, Arany Janos street 33, I floor, 2 door, doorbell 127

Tel: (+36) 70 943 1878,


Opening hours: Friday, Saturday 8.00 – 18.00, holidays also