The service price is valid from 2024, January 1st

1 session
First examination (applied for the first treatment)25.000 Ft 
Repeated examination15.000Ft
Implant acupuncture29.000Ft140.000Ft
Classic acupuncture15.000Ft65.000Ft
Implant acupuncture with 2 month- lasting thread65.000Ft
Implant acupuncture with 6 month- lasting thread170.000Ft

The agreed appointment date can be canceled for free up to 3 DAYS before the date. Therefore, in case of cancellation after this date, 15.000 Ft will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Please note that the 5 session ticket is non-refundable, we cannot refund you incase you use less than 5 sessions.


Temporarily we accept only cash. You also can pay (- in cash) if you are member of the following health insurances:

  • PREMIUM Health Insurance
  • Allianz Health Insurance
  • MKB Health Insurance
  • Generali Health Insurance
  • Patika/ ÚjPillér Health Insurance
  • OTP Health Insurance