Our vision

To become the leading acupuncture clinic of fertility treatment in Budapest.  

Our mission

To support couples have their optimal health status for their baby plan.

Very often come to us the toughest infertility cases..

We care for every cycle, every single chance of bettering the eggs, the sperm and the embryo. We work with one of the most treasured medical knowledge on earth – Traditional Chinese medicine, more specifically acupuncture. For decades, acupuncture is scientifically proved to be effective complement treatments to couples who have trouble conceiving and carrying into term. Over the last 6 years, Vietkimhong Clinic has helped many couples, side by side with them in their long way fighting infertility. When you haved already tried everything, when you do not want to lose chance with time, when you want to increase chance for the next try, come to us! We cannot guarantee the success for everyone, but we dedicate to do our best to help you, because otherwise babies won’t come.