As a doctor helping couples getting through this difficult part of their lives, I can say that nothing brings me more happy than knowing that my patient is getting pregnant! The feeling of supporting a new live coming to the world and sense of full family for couples give me sthength to work every day, every moment. Knowing how difficult they cope with their health problems, how many tests they tried, how many time and money, hope and desparate they have devoted for this battle against destiny to win a child, I feel the pregnancy as victory is so much worth to cherrish!

There are a lot of stories that can inspire you in this long difficult journey to win a child. They might give you more strength, brave and trust in miracle in this world. Don’t give up your hope. You should always fight for it.

However, you cannot win just by hope and the best available medicine, but also by a pretty well preparation of your health, your hormon function and the harmony of functions in your body.  Acupuncture can help you to prepare for it.

Again, welcome to this journey! I hope that at the end we will win our babies.

*Real names are changed to ensure the data safety for patients.

Case 1: Sándra, 41 years old, She came to me after 3 unsuccessful IVF treatment in the UK. Her FSH was quite high before her next  IVF treatment (FSH 19.28), Estradiol III 36.49 ( 45.4-854), AMH 0.217 (0.147-11.7). She had sessions of fonalbeültetés and the acupuncture treatments on the day of egg retrieval. 6 follicles were developed from the stimulations, 2 eggs retrieved both fertilized and generated 2 embryo with highly qualily (7A1 and 8B2). Her implantation with 2 embryos result in pregnancy.

Case 2: Lily, 41 years old. Together with her husband, they tried to have baby since 2014, without success.She had 3 insemination , the last one result in pregnancy but she lost the baby at week  8. She has regular menstruation , but short last (3 days) and often have dark spot and pain in her breast before menstruation. There are several small myoma in her uterus. She also cope with acnes on face and back, bloating, sometimes diarrhea and hair loss seriously. She came to us to prepare her health for the next IVF treatment by acupuncture and fonalbeültetés. After 4 months of regular treatment, she saw improvement of her overall health, less hair loss, less acnes and better sleep. To our surprise, at the end of the 5th month, she conceived naturally. She continues to have acupuncture treatment to prevent risks during the first 2 trimester. Her tests during pregnancy were all fine.  We are now looking to meet the baby at the beginning of next year.

Case 3: Barbara, 37 years old, she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (petefészek kimerülés) , her FSH was 20.4, AMH 0.32, Progesterol 0.2 when she came to se eme after 2 failed IVF treatments. On the first IVF, they retrieved 2 eggs, none of them developed into embryo. Ont he sencond one there was no egg retrieved at all, so she came really stressful that she may not produce anymore eggs. He mestruation is regular but relatively short – 3days. We start the treatment from January, regularly, in March her FSH decreased to 8.3, however, her progesteron still remained very low. We had 2 more treatment and at the end of March, she conceived naturally. She found her pregnant test positive coicidentally when her husband offered her some wine and she just tested to make sure that she would not harm the possible being baby. To her surprise and my surprise later, she is really pregnant. She got bad nausea, sleep problem and severe tiredness during the first few months, so she continued to have acupuncture treatment until the end of second trimester. We are looking for a baby coming around Christmas time.

Case 4: Sarah, 40 years old, came to me after 7 failed IVF treatments. The couple was advised to try with donor eggs inthis 9th try and therefore she hoped that acupuncture can help to improve her hormon function, as well as to build up her uterus membrance to be ready to recieve the embryos. Her FSH was 20.1, AMH 0.26, high cortisol level 744(145-619), high Natural Killer (NK) cell, low risk of thrombozis , pajzsmirigy alulműködés- hypothyreosis, uterus polip which was operated a few years ago. Her menstruation often last for 5 days without pain. She did exercise and sport quite often and have the strong believe that she will succeed. She regularly had fonalbeültetés for 4 months before the IVF and it was result in pregnancy. We are looking for a baby boy no later than March next year.

Case 5: Cecíllia, 39 years old, had her miscarriage 4 months ago, in which the pregnancy was resulted from an IVF treatment. For years she suffered from serious endometriosis and adenometriosis. She had operation to remove the endometriosis in2018, however, her menstruation since then has been still painful with lots of dark cloths. She also have slightly hypothyreosis, high blood kolesterin, digestive bloat, tired sleep, cold purple limbs, easy to get nervous and bad mood. Her mood fluctuate so much before the menstruation and at the ovulation time. Her progesteron was very low 0.2, high prolaktin 47.6 (1.39-24.2). Fortunately she still has 4 frozen embryo, so she came to me to prepare for her next embryo implantation. After 4 months of continuos acupuncture treatment, she received 2 embryos and now is on her 10 weeks of pregnancy. We are continueing with acupuncture for the next weeks to prevent risks for the pregnancy.

Case 6: Bianka, 34 years old. She sufferedfrom PCOS for 2 years and has insulin resistance, hypothereosis, high prolaktin , She had a lot of acnes on face and back, digestive problem and cold limbs. Her husband has sperm DNS fragmentation 29.7%. They failed to conceive since 2017 and already had 2 failed inseminations. Her AMH 5.92, Oestradiol E2 765, aTPO 500. She came to me to prepare for their IVF treatment. After 5 acupuncturetreatments, her skin looked much better, reduce hair loss, her Basic Body Temperature did not fluctuate as much as before. We continue until 10 treatments and then she had a short break before starting her IVF treatment. We are now have her pregnancy of a twins boys.

Case 7: Renáta, 43 éves. She has 2 little daughter (12 and 9 years old) The couple would love to have the third child, however there was no success after 4 years trying conceive naturally. They were recommended to have IVF treatment with regards to her age and AMH level is low 0.04, FSH 17. Her menstruation is around 30 days regularly and last for 5 to 6 days without pain. She worked a lot and often be in tired shape. The lastest hormon examination before the intended IVF was not shown a good result, as her FSH is still high 16.7 and progesteron was low 6.29 (10.6-81), even there was slightly improvement of AMH 0.12. We continue the fonalbeültetés for her with hope that her hormon will be improve so that she is more confidently step into IVF treatment. After 5 months of regularly fonalbeültetés treatment, she confirmed that she conceived naturally. I asked her to do the blood tests and it resulted quite a bit high of bHCG. To our great suprise and happiness, she is getting pregnant with a twins! We are continuing acupuncture treatment to prevent risks of the pregnancy.

Case 8: Teréz, 44 years old. She had myoma which was removed by operation 3 years ago, really high prolactin level that require taking Brocriptin regularly. She had 3 embryo transfer which was failed. Of 5 or 6 eggs retrieved, there was oftern only 1 of them fertilized and developed into embryo. The most recent  IVF treatment did not result in any egg, so she was quite upset about the result. She had low AMH 0.16, FSH 21.8, Prolaktin 32.51 (after taking Bromocriptin). Her menstruation is not regular and quite short (1-1.5 day). Obviously she was not a good candidate for IVF treatment, but her doctor really do their best to support her before going through another IVF. She came to me for fonalbeültetés and acupuncture treatment continuously for 6 months before starting her IVF.  3 eggs was retrieved and all of them fertilized, resulted into 3 embryos, 2 of them was transfered to her uterus and she is now in week 7th of pregnancy. We continue acupuncture treatment.   

Case 9: Orsolya, 30 years old, with PCOS and 2 ovarium tube was closed. Her husband also has low sperm concentration, high DNS fragmentation and hypothyreosis. They already had 2 failed IVF treatment before coming to me.  She is thin, pale, cold lims. Her menstruation is absolutely irregular.  Her AMH 8.55, insulinresistence. She had 3 months of acupuncture treatment before starting her next IVF treatment. The recent stimulation resulted in 3 embryos at 5 days in good shape.  They were transfered back and now she is also in 7 weeks of pregnancy. We continue acupuncture treatment until her second trimester.