In Hungary, around 1 in 10 women is suffering from endometriosis. It is one of the most common problems among women, yet we still do not know much about it and treat it effectively.

Endometriosis is diagnosed when the mucous cells of the uterus do not appear in the uterus but somewhere else outside the uterine cavity. It often affects the ovaries and various parts inside the pelvic. In case endometriosos affects the fallopian tubes, it can cause infertility.

It is shown that endometriosis is the most common cause of chronic pelvic pain. You may experience various symptoms, for instance pain during sexual intercourse, unusual menstrual bleeding, intestinal problems such as painful bloating, diarrhea. Less chance to get pregnancy is also reported.

Treatment of endometriosis

There are several options to treat endometriosis. Your doctors will give you advice of which treatment is suitable in your case. Just to note, each of them have pros and cons.

Pharmaceutical treatments

In general, pharmaceutical treatments are very popular but not always effective. You can expect around 30-50% chance of improvement of the pain.

Moreover, medications often cause significant side effects, such as hotflash, decreased sexual desire, up-and-down mood, headaches, osteoporosis,  and so on. Therefore, many women do not tolerate these effects and stop taking medication.


Surgery is another treatment for chronic pelvic pain. During laparoscopic surgery, the overgrown endometrial tissue is removed.

On the one hand, this option can be an effective treatment. On the other hand, it is an expensive and painful intervention. It takes a long time to heal after surgery. Moreover, surgery does not ensure a permanent recovery for endometriosis patients because pelvic pain usually can recur within five years.


If you are looking for a natural, non-invasive treatment for chronic pelvic pain, you can also opt for acupuncture treatment.

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Why consider acupuncture treatment for endometriosis pain?

Acupuncture raises the pain threshold and activates analgesic brain mechanisms through the release of neurohumoral factors. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for endometriosis pain. In two recent studies, acupuncture provided significant pain relief to patients compared with the group without apupuncture.

The advantage of acupuncture treatment is that it combines safety and effectiveness. When performed by well-trained physicians, acupuncture has almost no side effects. It even relief side effects of other treatments: it improves mood, sleep, reduces headaches and hot flashes, balances your mental and physical condition.

What can be expected from acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture can significantly relief pain and other symptoms of endometriosis. Most patients report less pain after 10 treatments. In addition,  the effect take times to formulate and maintain, so it is recommended to have a long term treatment for a better results.

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