Budapest: Monday an Friday 9:00-17:00
Győr: Wednesday 10:00-16:00


1051, Budapest, Arany János utca 33 1/2. doorbell 127


9026 Győr, Körtöltés u.5, MediGála doctor’s office, 1st floor

Tel: +36 30 4576766


How you can reach the clinic?

By public transport:
Vietkimhong Clinic is 100 meter from the Arany Janos metro stop (blue line), bus 9 and trolley 72, 73 stop. It also takes just around 10 minutes walking from Deák Ferenc Square or from the Western Railway Station (Nyugati pályaudvar). 

By car:
Pay parking on the street or at the Bank Center (1054 Budapest, V. district, Szabadság tér 7.) or at Care Park 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő street 9

 Please write me if you have any question or need more information



From Győr railway station, rural bus station:

Take bus 11 from Aradi Vértanúk útja 20 (Szökőkút) to Bácsai út 48, Körtuház utca (AUDI-SCHOOL).

Send me a Message

Dear our patients!

We would like to inform you that our clinic will close from 2023 November 13th until December 15th. To book an appoinment, please contact us by the following:

1.  In Budapest: Via email: Available from 2023 December 1st.

2. In Győr: Telephone 0036 457 6766, email Available Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00.

Thank you for your patience! We hope to meet you soon.