In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Polycystic ovary syndrom (PCOS) is gererally categorized into Excess Dampness in the low abdomen. Why Dampness accumulate in this part? Interestingly, according to TCM, it causes by weather factors like Cold, extreme Moisture, or by our diet such as overcomsumption of greasy, fatty, sweety food, alkohol, iced and cold things. These foods and drinks can weaken the function of the Spleen and Kidneys. It results in the collection of unnecessy fluid and fat in the low abdoment, which can obstruct the normal blood circulation and function of the uterus and ovarium.

Therefore, to prevent your health from these harmfulness, it is important to keep our body warm and have a healthy diet. Some part of the body are especially important for us to keep warm, such as the lower back, the lower belly and the talp. Habits like drinking ice cold beverages and eating ice cream, especially around the menstrual period, can really have a negative impact. For women with PCOS, it really matter how you take care of your body and your diet.

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