Epidemics or global pandemics are not uncommon in human history. As documented in medical literature, Chinese people have battled many outbreaks using Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Those principles and practices are still valuable and are used again in China during this pandemic with good results. So in the absence of a COVID vaccin or drugs, it is worthwhile to search for TCM for preventing and treating this disease.  

There are main principles and advices to improve the “vital Qi” or the body’s resistance to diseases as the following:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • Avoid overwork and stress.
  • Ensure good sleep.
  • Good nutrition and vitamins intake.
  • Keep the body warm, especially the head, nose, ears, neck, sole and lower back.
  • Avoid using air conditioner while sleeping.
  • Keep personal hygiene and a clean living environment.

Maintain a healthy living environment:

  • Living in well-ventilated rooms and being exposed to more sunlight.
  • Spray with mint or lemongrass oil inside house or apartment.  

Herbs and spices which help strengthen the immune:

  • Garlic, ginger, camilla tea, mint, cinamon, lemon grass, oregano, thymes, rosemaring

Do exercises! 

  • Deep breathing exercise: Exhale through your mouth, inhale through your nose. Long exhalation time is a bit longer than inhalation time. Do it twice a day for 15 minutes.
  • Massage your face, nose and sinuses, chest, sole and palm for 10-15 minutes, one or twice a day, in the early morning and late afternoon.

In summary, we can boost the vital Qi or immune function by practicing these advices, and it certainly will have good effect in the fight against the COVID 19 epidemic.


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