Ancient Chinese tea culture

Well managing stress can prevent us from a lot of health problems. Since thousand years ago, Tea was an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to TCM, Tea has excellent effect like calming, eliminating anxiety, tranquilizing, regulating heart beat and therefore reducing stress. Drinking tea is natural healing method and help reduce our dependence on taking medicine.

There are several teas that help relief stress such as:

Green tea

Green tea contains a natural amino acid called Theanin (L-teanin). This amino acid help the spirit relaxation, reduces anxiety, improve the concentration, memory and learning ability.

Studies also show that people who regularly drink green tea have lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer than people who do not drink.

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum is a typical TCM tea. a It has used to  treat stress, insomnia, blood pressure, allergies, … Chamomile essential oil contains flavonoid ingredients that have mild analgesic and sedating effects. A study at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, found that people with anxiety, stress, or dizziness disorders who used chamomile supplement for 8 weeks had significantly reduced the above symptoms compared to those who did not use it.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is excellent to reduce dizziness and migraine. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances and other substances that inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin pain agents, therefore it will reduce dizziness and headache. In traditional Asian medicine, ginger is also used as a pain reliever without side effects.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is rich in mangan, fiber, iron and calcium making it effective in reducing vertigo and stress. Besides cinnamon also helps regulate blood sugar and lipid levels.

Rose tea

Rose tea is made from dried rose buds. Rose was considered a medicine in Traditional Chinese medicine from about 5,000 years ago. This flower is recorded as having the ability to relax the body and mind, to aid digestion, reduce depression. Rose tea is considered women’s drink, because it helps regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce dysmenorrhea and nuture the skin.

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