The Earth is dominated by natural rhythms. As a part of nature, human has its biorhythms which work in harmonization with the nature’s biorhythms. We all know that there are four season in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own special properties. Our body adapt itself to the changing seasons, which is crucial for surviving, developing and reproducing. Understanding the interaction between human biological process and seasons can help us not only prevent health problems but also reproduce under the best circumstance of biological science.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the best season for conceiving. In spring, the Yang Qi in all living things revives and flourishes the most. Theoretically, spring is the beginning of a life cycle and the start of new periods in a long life. Under the spring Yang Qi, human body „wake up” and become much more active. Recent study also showed that human endocrine glands function changes over the year, in which late winter-spring is peak for human reproduction (2). For example, ituitary growth hormon (GH) which regulates growth and metabolism peaks in spring. Other sex hormones such as testosterone, estradiol, progesterone and the growth hormone IGF, androgen effector hormones also reach high levels in late-winter and spring. For cortisol, both blood tests and 24-hour urine tests go to top in February. FSH in men also peaks in spring. These conditions really support for the quantity and quality of reproductive cells (eggs and sperms), therefore increase the chance for getting pregnancy.  

It is observed that many women choose to conceive during spring because of many reason. More sunshine, comfortable weather, the flu season has went by already, so it is less likely to pick up cold or illness. The air is perfect mix of humid and cool without being excessive dry or hot. It can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms of morning sickness of pregnancy. On top of that, there are plenty of choice of fruits and vegetable during the spring and summer time, which give much more nutrients and vitamins to the pregnant women and their babies (1).  

Spring season- the gold time for conceiving- is coming. If you are planning to have baby, don’t hesitate to come to us for consulting, having useful advices and have acupuncture treatment to boost your chance to success. Be prepared!

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