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Acupressure is a specific type of massage that relies on using the thumbs, fingers and palms to apply pressure to various acupuncture points on the body. By applying pressure, we can manipulate and stimulate the flow of Qi (energy). It is a natural holistic technique to address blockages of Qi along the meridians, which is belived to cause health problems.

Acupressure points

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The points used in acupressure massage exist among a network or meridians, on which Qi flows throughout the body. Pressure is applied at these points to clear up blockages and help ensure a healthy, balanced and harmonious flow of energy through the meridians.
There are 14 main meridians (channels) in which Qi flows. Each meridian has its own points. Depending on health problems and which meridian has the Qi blockage, a group of points is selected for the treatment purpose. In addition, the points strategy and the acupressure technique also varies among patients, depending on their problems, age, gender, general status, etc.

The benefits of acupressure

Acupressure can help:
• Relieving stress, tension and anxiety
• Improving sleep quality
• Minimizing headaches
• Relaxing muscles and joints
• Alleviating chronic pain
• Soothing the pain and discomfort of a sport injury
• Reducing digestive issues
• Reducing hormone problems
In gereral, acupressure therapy stimulates the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It also strengthens the immune system’s function and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

When to apply acupressure?

Acupressure alone is an effective treating method. Besides, it may be used alongside to other treatment therapy or as a complement to another holistic treatment, such as rehabilitation, chiropractic care.

Some of problems are being treated at the Vietkimhong clinic include:

• Reproductive Health problems: Hormon problems, Menstrual disorders, Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction, Erection dysfunction
• Colds and Flu’s
• Skin problems: Ekcema, psoriasis
• Lose weight
• Gastrointestinal problem: constipation, IBS
• Headaches/Migraines Stress/Anxiety/ Insomnia
• Thyroid gland disorders
• Joint pains
• Allergies/ Asthma
• Diabetes, Hypertension – complement treatment
• Oncology – Support treatment
• Psychological/Emotional Disorders
• Alcohol / Smoking cessation

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